January 4, 2021 / News

2021 Education Innovations: Distance Education at The Temple & Student Feedback

During these unprecedented times – The Temple has dedicated their attention & resources not only to providing safe, quality education – but to innovating the way education is delivered to their cosmetology students.

“Distance Education has been a very interesting experience. I believe that the Temple has done a fantastic job with getting us the knowledge we need in such a difficult time. I appreciate all of the extra time I have been able to spend with my son because of distance education” – Kaitlin Baldwin, Temple Annapolis Visionary & FP Enrolled during the height of lockdown .

“I was halfway through the program when we had to go to distance and while it was an adjustment at first – I immediately became obsessed with the influx of education I was able to receive online – not to mention a little jealous of core classes coming in on distance ed! The opportunity to learn the base fundamentals with Paul Mitchell online really does change the game when you start doing more hands on. I wish I had that opportunity!” – Autumn Reid, COVID Graduate

The Temple continues to innovate the way that Future Professionals receive their education as we move into the unknown of 2021; the newest innovation coming to both campuses early January being our Zoom Rooms.

“A Zoom Room is defined as a dedicated space in a building where a combination of cameras, controllers, and audio visual are all connected together to create a seamless experience between a meeting host and attendees.”. – Paul Mitchell Schools

These rooms were created to provide the best hybrid and virtual distance education experience for Future Professionals featuring top of the line technology – including professional LED lighting , 360 degree high definition cameras placed around the classroom for optimum views & premium audio for maximum digestion and minimum distraction. These rooms will allow for ideal collaboration between Future Professionals and our Learning Leaders no matter where they are and we’re excited to continue to provide premium education to our Future Professionals.

Distance education at The Temple has been so much of a success that moving forward the curriculum will permanently include a portion of distance education – a move that speaks volumes to the quality of education being provided by the Temple.

May 1, 2020 / News

Temple Annapolis Ensures Thriving Cosmetology Education During Pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and the public was forced self-quarantine, many learning institutions were left paralyzed.

The Temple Annapolis was not one of them.

In an abundance of caution, we’d been monitoring COVID-19 and planning for distance learning weeks ahead of schedule. Our education division had reevaluated and adapted the curriculum and put the steps in place to make the necessary changes to not only offer the theory curriculum but also the practical learning virtually. The result was a virtually seamless transition to distance learning.

Due to this preparation, The Temple Frederick and The Temple Annapolis were the only cosmetology schools in the state given permission to offer theory and practical education affording the opportunity for enrolled students to retain all of their hours and continue their education without interruption.

“The leaders of this school along with learning leaders and support staff are avidly committed to providing our students with a solid foundation for entering the beauty profession. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of industry trends and teaching the most up-to-date techniques in a real world environment even during this crisis,” said Charles Riser co-owner of the schools.

“We’re doing everything we can to ensure an excellent experience for them,” added Sharon Riser co-owner. “We’ve increased the opportunity to expose them to expert guest artists and specialty classes on both a local and national level as well as providing curbside pickup for remote tools and supply packages.”

Not only have Temple students been able to stay the course of their education, they’ve also been treated to a plethora of new and added benefits as well.

In addition to core practical work, additional advancement lectures and specialty classes have been offered as well as themed classes, contests, certifications and business and salon management practical applications.

April 30, 2020 / News


CosmoProf Beauty hosted the second annual Licensed to Create Awards at the Premiere Orlando international beauty event, June 2, 2019 — and Paul Mitchell Future Professional Sara Jones won the award for Best Student Cut, one of 15 categories for offered to licensed professionals and student cosmetologists in the competition.

Sara had only been a student at The Temple Annapolis, A Paul Mitchell Partner School in Annapolis, Maryland, for six months before “accidentally” entering the contest. After learning in school how to increase engagement and promote herself through social media, Sara started posting her work every day, tagging her school, Paul Mitchell, and the products she used to achieve each look. One of the tags she randomly used in an effort to boost engagement was #licensedtocreate.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know I was entering into this contest world,” Sara said—until she woke up one day and saw herself mentioned in a story on CosmoProf’s Instagram: she was a finalist for Best Student Cut!

Sara Jones and LTC finalists

At Premiere Orlando, Sara joined over 2,500 beauty professionals to walk the gold carpet, meet and take selfies with industry icons, be interviewed by trade media, and connect with peers prior to the event’s start. She said it was “such a shocking, good feeling” when the legendary Sam Villa announced her name and presented her with the award for Best Student Cut.

August 2, 2019 / News


Meet #TEMPLEANNAPOLIS Future Professional Carmen (@Carmenschopshop) and here’s what you should know!

Working with a theater group doing special effects make up opened her eyes to the career possibilities an education in cosmetology could offer. Carmen’s ultimate goal is to work on sets doing special effects and editorial make up.

As a Future Professional, she’s learned she truly loves make up but also loves hair too —especially transforming clients’ hair into unicorns and rainbows. Carmen has also learned that you can learn form everyone; each person has something to offer and keeping an open mind is key.

Carmen’s advice for other Future Professionals: don’t be so harsh on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. Her advice to people a little nervous about starting the process to enroll at Temple Annapolis, “Just know if you work hard then you will do great. This industry has amazing opportunities for everyone. Don’t let them pass you by!”

July 26, 2019 / News

Future Professional Friday

This is Adela ( and here’s what you should know:

Creativity and passion drew her to the beauty industry.

Since becoming a Future Professional, she’s learned how to be patient (because that’s an absolutely necessary skill in this industry). She’s learned patience with herself, other Future Professionals, and clients.

One of the most rewarding parts about cosmetology school is seeing clients smile after a job well done. What’s been the most challenging in her journey has been being disappointed in herself for wanting to be the best but then always reminding herself that she’s still learning and growing with room to still make mistakes.

Her advice to people that already have a passion for the industry but are a little nervous to take the jump to become a #TempleAnnapolis Future Professional is: “Sometimes you just have to go for it and try, just so you don’t regret not trying in the future”