The TEMPLE Annapolis: A Paul Mitchell Partner School is a highly respected leader in the cosmetology industry. We offer a dedicated barbering program with access to a nationwide network of professionals, educators, and barber shops.

Our rigorous three-level barbering program gives you the complete skillset you need for success in this fast-growing field, from hands-on technical training to developing your creativity and honing your business skills. With our multifaceted barbering curriculum and unique culture, a Paul Mitchell Schools education is about much more than getting your license—its about starting a great career.

Technical areas covered include:

  • Haircutting
  • Chemical work (including coloring and perms)
  • Men’s shaving and grooming
  • Basic skin and grooming
  • Basic skin care
  • Hairpiece design, fitting, and maintenance
  • And much more!

Hone your craft in The TEMPLE Annapolis barbering program.


Supplies, Kit and Tuition Costs

  • $14,400.00 – Tuition
  • $2,835.50 – Kit Fee (Including Sales Tax)
  • $100.00 – Application Fee (due with Application)
  • $50.00 – Enrollment Fee (due after acceptance)

$17,385.50 – Total

We offer Title IV Funding (Loans and Grants) available to those who qualify. The barbering curriculum is approved for VA educational benefits.

Education Goals

The primary purpose of the barbering program is to train future professionals in theory, practical and clinical experience which will prepare them for immediate employment in the field of barbering. The program is particularly directed toward developing desirable work ethics with respect to health, sanitation and safety and encourages selfreliance, readiness to assist others, and an ethical approach to this profession.

This program includes instruction in how to seek and obtain employment, outlines the various pay types and income methods, reviews the preparation of employment applications, and includes education into the laws and regulations governing salon operation and safety with respect to the barber.

Upon meeting all criteria laid out under Graduation Requirements, the future professional will receive a certificate and be prepared to take the State Board Examination of Maryland for Barbering. This enables the future professional to work as a barber in the State of Maryland.

Ultimately, the goal of the barber program at THE TEMPLE Annapolis: A Paul Mitchell Partner School is to successfully prepare our future professionals for a career in the barbering industry.

To that extent, our education goals are:

  1. To educate students to be professional, knowledgeable, and skilled in their field for marketability within the
  2. To maintain an updated program that provides students with the knowledge to compete in their field of study.
  3. To promote the continuing educational growth of our faculty and students, using current teaching methods and techniques.
  4. To teach courtesy and professionalism as the foundation for a successful career in their chosen field of study.
  5. To prepare students to successfully pass the state licensing exam for entry-level employment.
  6. To train and graduate students while empowering them to become confident and excited to enter a successful career within the barbering and beauty industry.